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Abacus Sports’ specialty has always been sports flooring. We take pride in every sports floor that we install, and strive for excellence in each project. Our expertise in pad and pour, recycled rubber, vinyl, and running tracks comes from over 25 years of field experience. Learn more about our sports floors by clicking the links on the right.

Our Sports Floors


Abacus’ signature pad and pour sports floor is aptly named Padenpor. We install Padenpor in all different kinds of sports facilities. Learn more about it here.

Tarkett Omnisports Vinyl

Tarkett’s Omnisports vinyl has stormed the sports flooring market as of late. It’s resilient, cushioned, cost-effective, and beautiful. Sports vinyl is perfect for people who love the wood-grain aesthetic, without the expenses that come with a traditional wood floor.

Robbins Pulastic

Robbins Sports Surfaces’ Pulastic is another pad and pour brand. We work closely with Robbins and install these floors for basketball, volleyball, and more. See what Pulastic can do for you here.

Regupol Recycled Rubber

Regupol is a worldwide leader in recycled rubber products for sports. We install their Aktiv series weight room floors and world-renowned running tracks. Regupol products are sustainably manufactured and GreenCircle Certified.

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An Introduction to Sports Flooring

We install both indoor sports floors and outdoor surfaces. When searching for a new floor for your gymnasium, weight room, or multipurpose room, understanding what you’re looking for is incredibly important. There are many different options on the sports flooring market, and knowing what makes them different from one another will allow you to make the choice that’s best for you. That begs the question: what exactly is sports flooring?

In short, a sports floor is a performance surface that is suitable for physical activity. These floors tend to absorb more shock and provide more cushion on the feet than typical household and commercial floors. We measure the performance of a sports floor using several factors. These factors include shock absorption, vertical deformation, linear friction, ball bounce, and rolling load resistance, to name a few. The standards for these factors are set by organizations like the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and the German Institute of Standardization (DIN).


The Unique Types of Sports Floors

Each sports floor type has its strengths and weaknesses. Each floor also serves a different purpose, whether it be indoor sports, outdoor activities, weight training, running, or any other physical activity. Our links at the top right of this page explain several of the floors we offer, and you can click them to learn more about what each flooring type offers.

Choosing the right floor is a long, tedious process that requires a lot of thought and consideration. Our goal is to educate so that you can make the best choice for your facility. If you have further questions about sports floors, fill out our contact form below or gives us a call at 717-560-8050.

Recent Sports Flooring Projects

St. James School

  • Tarkett Omnisports™
  • 27,000 sq. ft.
  • Hagerstown, MD

Goldey-Beacom College

  • Regupol® Aktiv™ & AktivPro™
  • 2,515 sq. ft.
  • Wilmington, DE

Hinkletown Mennonite School

  • Robbins Pulastic®
  • 6,860 sq. ft.
  • Ephrata, PA

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