Durathon® Elite Track

With surface texture options ideal for competition track & field, and multi-purpose activities, Durathon Elite is designed for today’s modern fieldhouse. 

Proven Safety

By virtue of its dual durometer construction, Durathon Elite Track provides excellent force reduction to protect athletes from long-term micro-injuries; while providing superior energy restitution to deliver outstanding athletic performance.

Proven Performance

  • Vulcanized rubber surface from recycled rubber that is extremely durable and sustainable
  • Spike Resistant technology that prevents noticeable surface indentations
  • Special color formula that protects against UV rays and rapid discoloration in pigment
  • Waffle Back design provides resiliency and deflection to the athlete during impact that results in less energy return to reduce the risk of athletic fatigue and injury
  • Ideal surface friction that protects runner and jogger safety
  • Excellent acoustics and sound absorption especially good for elevated indoor running and jogging tracks
  • Durability to withstand heavy rolling loads from bleachers


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