Hardwood Sports Flooring

Hardwood sports flooring is one of the most used gym surfaces in the world. It has come a long way since the early days of basketball and volleyball, and Abacus has teamed up with Robbins Sports Surfaces to evolve with it.

About Wood Gym Flooring Installations

Everyone knows that a wood basketball court is the standard for the NBA, NCAA, and high school. However, a wood gym flooring installation can be so much more than just creating a typical basketball court. Hardwood is just as versatile as its synthetic and vinyl cousins. Here at Abacus, we understand that.

Our wood courts are made for more than just basketball. We can custom-paint game lines for volleyball, badminton, and more. Abacus has dance floor and fitness flooring options as well. We also offer portable wood floors for multi-use spaces that need to change surfaces on a daily basis, such as a basketball court that can become a hockey rink.

While we understand that hardwood doesn’t have to just be for basketball, we understand its importance to that sport. 22 of the last 27 NBA Champions trained and practiced on a Robbins wood basketball court. The product we offer is the one champions choose.

We install hardwood exclusively in Pennsylvania. Request a quote and let Abacus show you that hardwood is great for basketball and more.

Hardwood Gym Flooring


Maximum Vibration Protection – Robbins most innovative design focuses on optimizing interaction between the athlete and floor.


Durable anchored construction means long lifespan and low lifecycle costs.


Durable anchored system that is both economical and resilient to minimize dead spots and increase comfort.

Bio-Cushion® Classic

Bio-Pad resiliency for vibration control that can be “tuned” for facility use and budget.

Air-Channel® Star

Traditional sleeper system with Bio-Pads for added resiliency and comfort.

Sportwood® Ultra-Star

Durable Edge-grain maple surface that reacts less when exposed to excessive changes in environmental conditions and humidity.

All-Star™ Plus

Portable floor system that offers quick and efficient event changeovers.


Specially designed uniform sprung dance floor that eliminates excessive rebound (aka “trampoline effect”) and deflection.

Wood Basketball Court Gallery

Specialty Hardwood Sports Flooring

 Floating floor systems are not mechanically fastened to the substrate below, and “float” on the sub-floor.

Portable gym floors are removable and re-installable with ease for multipurpose facilities.

A combination of hardwood and synthetic, fusion floors are the best of both worlds.

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