Robbins Air-Channel® Star

Robbins Air-Channel Star system features anchored laminated sleepers to provide a system with dimensional stability and superior performance.

Proven Safety

  • DIN certified: meets or exceeds all six DIN 18032-2 criteria for ball bounce, shock absorption, deflection, area of deflection, rolling load and surface friction.
  • Wide-body, low-profile, engineered sleeper anchored uniformly to concrete substrate for enhanced stability.

Proven Performance

  • Engineered sleeper enhances performance, flexibility and uniformity and provides dramatic improvement over softwood subfloor components.
  • Robbins’ patented “Posi-Anchor”™ built-in depth stop prevents shockpad over-compression, providing uniformity and stability.
  • Continuous subfloor provides uniformity and strength for large bleacher loads and portable backstops.

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