Robbins All-Star™ Plus

With over 60 years of portable floor manufacturing experience under our belts, Robbins All-Star Portable floors are the preferred for NBA teams, top NCAA programs, and FIBA international championships.

State of the Art Design

Robbins offers several models of portable basketball floors designed to meet a variety of requirements. Our proprietary floors are designed to speed up changeovers for efficient and quick event transitions. All Robbins portables are available sanded, painted, and finished to high standards using computer aided graphics and design for outstanding logos and vibrant team branding.


We are Teammates

Robbins portables floors are not just another hardwood floor. They are an extension of your team. We strive to build the best floor systems on the market. Beneath the surface of a shiny hardwood floor with gamelines and school logos is a well engineered subfloor consisting of just the right amount of mechanical features that provides protection for the athlete. The subfloor build-up is critical to the longterm health of the athlete since the floor can have a significant impact on joints, muscles, and the endurance of the player. Proper construction of the floor is a science, and with over 100 years of continued improvement to the mechanics of our floors, Robbins understands what is necessary to achieve a floor that not only looks great on camera, but also improves performance and enhances endurance of the athlete.

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