Robbins MVP®

Only the MVP® system by Robbins is tuned specifically to take your athletic performance, safety and comfort to maximum levels. This unique one-of-a-kind floor system is like no other sports floor design!

Proven Safety

Robbins’ innovative design focuses on optimizing biomechanical interaction between athlete and floor by minimizing vibration and maximizing uniformity, while maintaining proper energy return. As a result, Robbins MVP system improves performance, comfort, and safety.


Proven Performance

  • Ultimate safety and comfort with ‘MVP’ Maximum Vibration Control
  • Optimal vibration damping
  • Tuning of MVP eliminates resonance frequencies
  • Absolute uniformity through patented innovative system design
  • Continuous laminated subfloor panels
  • Anchored via the resilient layer, no hard connections to active layers
  • Factory manufactured subfloor
  • Unparalleled game-play response through unique design
  • Extreme Uniformity of Ball Bounce, Deflection and Force Reduction – Superior Athletic Performance
  • Heavy load capable  –  Designed for easy load accommodation


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