Robbins Sportwood® Ultra-Star

Sportwood Ultra Star is solidly constructed of beautiful MFMA Parquet edge-grain northern hard maple and features an adaptable, “tunable” resilient underlayment.

Proven Safety

Whether you need shock absorption security for aerobic, basketball or other sports, or simply want a comfortable multi-use surface for cafetoriums or other facilities, simply specify the amount of resiliency needed, and Robbins will take care of the rest.  The load- distibution subfloor, plus the resilient shock-pads, allows Sportwood Ultra-Star floors more “give”, meaning less chance of foot, leg or back injury.


Proven Performance

  • DIN Certified Performance
  • Edge grain maple for superior durability
  • Continuous subfloor supports heavy loads and equipment
  • Tunable resilience underlayment
  • Compatible with water based gym finish

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