Padenpor™ Gym Flooring

A Padenpor™ gym flooring installation is a cushioned rubber basemat, with a seamless, self-leveling urethane topcoat poured on top.

A Court You Can Count On

Padenpor™ is Abacus’ brand name pad and pour polyurethane floor. We’ve spent years perfecting the art of installing this floor for all kinds of sports and activities. Padenpor™ comes in a variety of standard colors, thicknesses, and installation types to fit nearly every sports need you can think of.

Padenpor™ is resilient, which means that it isn’t easily damaged by shoes, tables, chairs, or even movable bleachers. It’s seamless, which eliminates tripping hazards of any kind and makes it extremely easy to clean. Padenpor™ is resurfaceable and is easily revitalized for a fraction of the price of installing a new floor. It’s cushioned, which eases stress on bones and joints and significantly reduces injury risk during play.

When it’s all said and done, Padenpor™ is the ultimate multipurpose sports floor. Find out more about each of our Padenpor™ options below, or request a quote from us to find out how Padenpor™ can you give you a court you can count on.

Standard Padenpor™ Gym Flooring

Padenpor™ 4+2

4+2 is economical and perfect for elementary schools and early childhood centers and is thinnest of the Padenpor™ family.

Padenpor™ 7+2

One of the most popular choices Abacus offers, 7+2 is durable and great for any church or school looking for a better floor.

Padenpor™ 9+2

9+2 is the preferred choice of high schools, colleges, and rec centers and is a thicker and more cushioned floor

Padenpor™ 14+3

Our standard floor with the highest resilience, 14+3 has more than 50% force reduction for ultimate shock absorption.

Specialty Padenpor™ Gym Flooring

Padenpor™ SKT

SKT provides additional urethane layers to increase surface hardness and sustain in-line skating

Padenpor™ SPK

SPK is a spike-resistant system that is perfect for indoor running tracks or normal gym floors.

Padenpor™ SLT

SLT is a “floating” system and includes a fiberglass mesh inlay for added dimensional stability.

Padenpor™ TXT

TXT is textured for enhanced traction, and is great for areas with higher moisture and humidity

Padenpor™ XTR

XTR’s urethane gives enhanced performance values and offers more elastic properties than other Padenpor™ floors.

The Elements of Sport

Padenpor™ Colors
Game Lines

*The colors shown here are a representation and may not perfectly match when on floor.

*Specialty colors are available to be custom-ordered, but may cost more.

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