Padenpor SPK

The complete installation of a Padenpor™ SPK flooring system consists of a 9mm prefabricated rubber basemat with a seamless 2mm polyurethane topcoat and 2mm spike-resistant polyurethane topcoat.


  • Cushioned rubber basemat protects athletes from injury and is easy on bones and joints during play.
  • Durability and wear resistance allows for years of safe and efficient activity.
  • Uniformity in density and thickness allows for consistent playability and performance.
  • Due to its thicker topcoat and spike-resistant urethane, SPK is an excellent choice for indoor tracks and other sports that require athletes to where spiked cleats.


  • Seamless texture of the urethane topcoat eliminates tripping hazards.
  • Padenpor™ is easy to clean and maintain.
  • A completely even playing surface and dimensional stability increases safety for all.


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