Pulastic® Combi by Robbins

Pulastic Combi Systems are the perfect combination of a resilient wood subfloor system with the strength and flexibility of a Pulastic surface. Combi systems can be customized with almost any Robbins wood subfloor system to offer the additional safety and performance benefits that come with a traditional wood sports floor. 

Pulsastic® Combi Gym Floors

Pulastic® Elite Comfort 90

Made for outdoor surfaces such as tennis, basketball, and pickleball courts. Protects against moisture and water damage, as well as discoloration due to UV light.

Pulastic® Elite Comfort 65

Combines a synethic surface with a wood sub-floor to enhance resiliency and protect against athlete injury. Durability supports a long lifespan.

Pulastic® Combi Gallery

Pulastic® Colors

Standard Pulastic® Color Options
Specialty Pulastic® Color Options
Pulastic® Line-marking Color Options

*The colors shown here are a representation and may not perfectly match when on floor.

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