Inlaid Platforms

Abacus was one of the original pioneers of trend-setting inlaid platforms. They are a weight room flooring installation and design process for athletic training systems.

Weight Room Inlaid Platforms

We conceived the idea of changing weight room flooring by analyzing issues involved with athletes training on raised platforms. It’s a surface that is level with the floor, and is able to withstand the impact of heavy weights and gives protection to sub-flooring.

Sinking crash platforms into rubber flooring allows a firm yet cushioned surface that’s easy on joints while handling the impact of heavy weights. Inlaid platforms create smooth transitions and protect the floor and equipment from damage during aggressive training.

This design doesn’t just protect the subfloor, it also protects the weight lifters performing on it. The lack of lifted platforms eliminates tripping hazards and descreases the risk of falling while lifting. The lack of raised platforms also makes cleaning and maintaining the floor much easier. Dust and other particles have nowhere to get stuck, like in the corners of raised platforms. Many facilities who have installed them have said that cleaning is much easier and takes much less time.

Inlaid Platform Gallery

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