SportFloor® Vulcanized Rubber Workout Flooring

SportFloor® provides a versatile, comfortable, slip-resistant and durable solution for all your recreational flooring requirements.

Vulcanized Rubber Workout Flooring Options

North West Rubber’s SportFloor® has been providing performance rubber flooring solutions in recreational facilities all over the world. SportFloor® provides great value and numerous options for all your Indoor Sport Surfacing needs.

North West Rubber uses superior vulcanization technology to manufacture our rubber flooring products, resulting in outstanding performance. Gym and Fitness Facility operators appreciate the many advantages it has over traditional flooring materials such as wood, vinyl, hard surface tile or other urethane bound recycled rubber products. The vulcanization process greatly enhances the strength and longevity of our various flooring products resulting in tear-resistant, non-porous, easy to maintain flooring. They are moisture and stain-resistant, anti-microbial, reusable and produced from recyclable materials.

Since safety and injury prevention is of primary concern in fitness facilities, SportFloor® Performance Rubber Flooring provides added cushioning, shock absorption, grip and traction. All of these combined elements create an environment that helps to reduce muscle and joint strain, prevents slipping and falls, and ensures the safety of clients using the facility. SportFloor® also protects the owners investment in floor and gym equipment from damage as it is designed to absorb impact from heavy weights, equipment drops, and other potentially damaging materials.


Stamina repels liquid to minimize clean up and odour with little maintenance. This makes for a cleaner, longer lasting floor that is designed to withstand heavy use in all types of fitness and arena spaces.


ReAction provides superior traction for the most demanding athletes and environment. With a non-porous top layer and shock absorption dual-layer system, it is a highly resilient, and hygienic floor.


ProXL is designed to be a long-lasting, high-performance floor. Its versatility, anti-slip, and dual-layer durable construction is manufactured to withstand heavy use in the toughest facilities.

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