Regupol® AkustiPro™

The impact from dropped weights and loudness due to sports and workouts can transfer unwanted noise to other rooms and spaces. Regupol® AkustiPro™ absorbs vibrations and sounds so they stay in the room.

Noise-Cancelling Weight Room Flooring

Impacts from dropped weights, sports, treadmills, ellipticals, and rowing machines all create unwanted noise and vibration that can be easily transferred between spaces. Regupol® Acoustics has developed an incredible lineup of acoustical fitness flooring products designed to absorb and prevent the transfer of noise and vibration. These products are suitable for mixed-use buildings such as malls, corporate buildings, hotels, and residences.

Regupol® AkustiPro 80 – Is a modular tile system designed for the most demanding applications.

Regupol® AkustiPro ML-70 — A multi-layer system that is engineered to fit your specific needs while virtually seamless.

The Regupol AkustiPro High Performance Acoustical Fitness surface is GreenCircle Certified, and can help qualify your facility for LEED credits.

Regupol AkustiPro has a five year warranty.

AkustiPro™ Colors

Core Series
Strength Series
Intense Series

*The colors shown here are a representation and may not perfectly match when on floor.

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