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Strata Commercial flooring are ergonomic and decorative flooring products which can provide design flexibility for any project.  This new technology gives our customers an unmatched freedom in creative design. This impact absorbing and aesthetically pleasing flooring comes in three lines, Strata Commercial EP, Strata Commercial PA, and Strata Commercial PL.

Strata Comm PL

Strata Comm PL is a family of polyurethane flooring systems offering ergonomic and resilient designs to provide longevity, comfort, and fatigue resistance.  The Commercial PL line works great in areas that experience high traffic and heavy rolling loads, such as corridors, entrance areas, classrooms, laboratories, offices, and locker rooms.  All Strata Comm PL systems are easy to maintain, durable and abrasion resistant, as well as chemical and stain resistant.  The specially developed polyurethane topcoat provides lasting beauty, and minimizes the total life-cycle cost of the floor.  Strata Commercial PL comes in two overall designs.

Strata Deluxe

Strata Deluxe systems are ergonomic floors specifically designed to increase comfort and lessen fatigue.  Strata Deluxe is a fluid-applied, seamless floor system that prevents the issues commonly associated with floor seams, such as open seams, moisture migration, and dirt-catch.  It is both easy to clean and hygienic, with an exceptionally strong polyurethane surface that holds up in areas with heavy traffic.  With 18 standard color options to choose from, Strata Deluxe can accommodate the design requirements of virtually any space; and, by virtue of its lasting durability and ease of restoration, Strata Deluxe offers a lower lift-cycle cost compared to the other flooring concepts used in the market today.

Strata Pro

Strata Pro systems bring all the outstanding benefits of the Strata Deluxe systems, and pushes the envelope a little farther.  By virtue of the prefabricated rubber basemat, Strata Pro systems are unrivaled when it comes to comfort, and they provide excellent sound reducing qualities, making them an ideal choice for applications throughout most commercial facilities.

  • Contains rapidly renewable raw materials and is VOC compliant
  • Ergonomic, flexible, and resilient
  • Available in a wide range of colors, deco flake accents, and marble design.
  • Good acoustic isolation reducing footfall sound
  • High strength and mechanical resistance
  • Seamless, hygienic, and easy to maintain
  • Excellent adhesion in areas with heavy traffic and rolling loads
  • LEED contribution
  • Exceeds highest global standards for Indoor Air Quality
  • Utilizes renewable and recycled content

Marble and Deco Flake Options

If you are looking for a beautiful, artistic appearance, then either the Deco Flake or Marble options is your ticket.  Both Strata Deluxe and Strata Pro are offered in these two appearance-enhancement options.

Comfort never looked so good.

Strata Commercial EP

Strata Comm EP is a family of epoxy systems utilizing a polyaspartic sealcoat.  This advanced polyaspartic technology provides excellent abrasion, stain and chemical resistance; and, by virtue of its aliphatic chemistry, it will not amber due to exposure to UV rays.  There are four systems within the Strata Comm EP lineup:

Strata Flake

Strata Flake by Robbins is a decorative, seamless floor composed of multi-colored flakes in a clear epoxy binder, coated with a transparent polyaspartic sealcoat. The system uses factory blended flakes encapsulated in a high quality epoxy binder, providing excellent long term durability, chemical resistance, and UV stability.

  • Easy to clean
  • Seamless aesthetic design.
  • Design and colors created using clear epoxy & decorative flakes.
  • 24 standard color combinations.
  • Limitless custom blends.

Strata Quartz

Strata Quartz by Robbins is a seamless and decorative epoxy floor composed of broadcast ceramic coated quartz aggregate encapsulated in an epoxy binder, and sealed with a transparent polyaspartic sealcoat. The system provides a durable, textured surface with excellent stain & chemical resistance, and UV stability.  Strata Quartz is hygienic and easy to maintain, resulting in a lower life cycle cost in comparison to tile, sheet goods, and carpet.

  • Seamless design that is aesthetically pleasing
  • 20 standard color combinations
  • Limitless custom color blends

 Strata Boutique

Strata Boutique is a resinous system destined to generate striking first impressions. Boutique’s multi-dimensional, pearlescent designs bring depth and life to lobbies, retail areas, museums, and other high visibility spaces. Strata Boutique draws and maintains its stunningly distinctive aesthetics from its high-build aliphatic polyaspartic sealcoat containing special metallic pigment(s).  This makes for a highly customizable appearance, very adaptable to a building’s individual décor and design, leaving no limits, only possibilities.

  • Highly decorative metallic accents
  • Wide range of color patterns
  • Each finished look is unique
  • 44 standard color patterns
  • Gives floor space architectural impact
  • Design freedom allows designer to compliment building aesthetics
  • Beauty with long-lasting durability
  • Easy care & maintenance
  • Low VOC’s

Strata Neat

Strata Neat is a high quality epoxy resin that provides strong chemical, mechanical and stain resistance qualities. This seamless and solvent-free resin is perfectly designed as a durable protective coating on concrete surfaces with normal to heavy wear. Strata Neat is ideal for parking garages, workshops, loading ramps and more.  With application of either of two optional surface finish coats, Strata Neat can be enhanced by adding outstanding abrasion resistance and UV enhanced color stability.

  • Gloss and matte finish options
  • Low cost
  • Excellent protection in thin set system (chemical and stain)
  • Superior resistance characteristics available (with optional topcoats)

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