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Monsoon/Stone Gray
Monsoon / Grey Logo
Regupol Aktiv Blue Streak
Blue Streak

United States Coast Guard – Curtis Bay

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Flooring Project: 6,700 sqft. of 9mm + 2mm Padenpor / 1,800 sqft. of Regupol Aktiv

Padenpor Color: Monsoon, Stone Grey

Aktiv Color: Blue Streak (10%)

Installation: Abacus Sports Installation Ltd.

Job Background:


Overview of Flooring:

Abacus Sports was able to provide the United States Coast Guard of Curtis Bay with brand new Padenpor and Aktiv flooring. The Padenpor flooring allows for color customization, and a crisp logo that represents the USCG. This flooring is great for playing a variety of different sports including basketball, volleyball, and other recreational games. The flexibility of this flooring provides a “softer” surface. So when an athlete is running, jumping or falling it offers more protection against injuries.

In a separate area of the facility Abacus installed some of Regupol’s Aktiv flooring, for weight lifting purposes. This rubber flooring absorbs impact from dropped weights, and gives the room a new look. The USCG chose to customize their weight room by using the color scheme “Blue Streak”.

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