Clark Rec Center


Clark Rec Center offers a bunch of different programs and activities to the public in Clark, NJ.

Their recreation teams are called the “Crusaders”, and Clark Rec wanted to reflect that name and brand in their two new gym floors. 

That’s right, Clark needed two new floors done in their facility. They decided to make them both basketball-centric, but wanted both to show off the colors, logos, and branding of Clark Rec Center.


We came in and installed two new Tarkett Omnisports floors – one for Clark’s large gym and the other for a slightly smaller auxiliary gym. 

These new floors each boast Clark’s Crusader logo at the center, along with “CRUSADERS” written at the endlines of both basketball courts. Clark also chose Omnisports’ blue maple in the borders, three-point arcs, and center circles of their floors. 

The blue/golden maple color combo creates a really great looking floor that fits right in with the rest of the facility. The basketball players of Clark Township have a great new facility to play in for years to come.

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