Athletic Lockers

We don't stop at flooring. Inspire your athletes and wow your patrons with high-end, cost-effective athletic lockers.

We install athletic lockers with custom finishes, locks, and layouts.

What you're getting when you install your lockers with Abacus:

Completely customize your locker layout. Whether you’re outfitting your team’s locker room, upgrading the lockers in your corporate office, or adding waterproof lockers to your rec center’s pool area, we’ll deliver exactly what you need.

Athletic Locker Benefits:

Your options are practically endless:

  • Soft close hinges
  • Moisture-resistant core options
  • USB Power options for chargers
  • Electric Locks
  • Multiple laminate designs
  • Many interior color options
  • Lock options
  • Logo/Color Customization

Design and Configuration:

We install custom team lockers and club gym lockers for both sports teams and rec centers. Gym lockers come in multiple tier configurations to give your fitness club or rec center flexibility.

Team lockers are open face and give athletes the space they need to prepare for games. Add logos and colors to highlight your team’s brand. They’re available in laminate, wood, and phenolic

Upgrade your locker room:

Select your athletic locker need:

Gym Lockers

Club gym lockers come with frame-less design to maximize your space. There are 8 textured laminate designs to choose from. You can add vanity shelves for smaller items as well as concealed hinges that soft-close. You can place them in locker rooms, fitness centers, healthcare facilities, offices, and more. 


- Moisture-resistant core for humid areas

- Soft close hinges so lockers don't slam shut

- USB power option so you can charge your phone

Custom Team Lockers

Custom team lockers come open-faced for easy access. With multiple configurations, including open or curved side panels, team lockers provide greater player visibility and more room for equipment. A stay-lift hinge creates easier access for items below the seat.


- Ships fully assembled

- Custom logos

- Built-in ventilation