Team Lockers

100% customizable team locker solutions for any sport. Add your team's logos and colors and invigorate your locker room.

Team lockers - with a focus on "team"

  1. Lockable Cubby
  2. Nameplate & Valance
  3. 4 Hooks, 1 Jersey Hook
  4. Open Side Panel
  5. Stay-life Hinge Seat
  6. Flip Lid Seat
  7. Metal Ventilation
  8. Foot Locker

Key Features and Benefits:

Our goal is to provide as many locker options for you as possible – so you can find exactly the right layout and accessories for you. Your design and utility options are nearly endless.

Benefits include:

  • Openable lid seat and ventilated footlocker
  • Stay-lift hinge
  • Complete team/equipment customization
  • Available in four materials: plastic, laminate, wood, and phenolic
  • Warranty

Your team lockers should reflect your brand

Your team has worked hard to build a great reputation and brand. Abacus gives you the ability to take advantage of that. Imagine your locker room fully decked-out in your team’s branding – from logos on the lockers themselves to customized seat cushions.

Branding is becoming more and more important in athletic recruiting. Outfitting your locker room with your logos, colors, and brand will supercharge your recruiting efforts and your program in general. Not to mention, it communicates your program’s pride, culture, and legacy to current athletes and alumni. 

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