Running Track Construction

Abacus Sports specializes in running track construction and installation. We install tracks across the country for universities, high schools, and public parks. 

Do you want to install a new running track surface?

Abacus is a certified installer of Regupol running tracks. Regupol tracks are Olympic-quality and in use worldwide. Renowned sprinter Usain Bolt broke two world records for the 100m and 200m dash at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics in Berlin, Germany on a Regupol track.

Regupol running tracks earned Bolt’s endorsement with this performance. As one of Regupol’s most experienced running track installation companies, Abacus installed the running track where Bolt and the Jamaican Olympic team train at the University of the West Indies in Kingston.

We definitely love to brag about completing this track, but outfitting large facilities for famous sprinters isn’t all we do. We’ve been at this a long time and have built tracks for schools, colleges, and more.

We know running track construction

Abacus has been installing Regupol tracks since 1991. We know our running track surface material inside and out. Whether you need maintenance, repair, or are looking to completely replace your current track, Abacus has installers with the experience and knowledge to get the job done right.

Check out our running track maintenance guide for tips on how to keep your track in good shape.

Providing a safe running track surface

Regupol tracks have exceptional anti-slip properties and cushion. The composition of the base-mat combined with the urethane wear layer creates a running track surface that reduces force and shock on bones and joints. Its slip-resistance gives sprinters and distance runners alike speed out of the gate and a safe, seamless, uniform surface.

“There’s nothing like running on Regupol. To me, Regupol equals gold. In more ways than one.”

Usain Bolt, Eight-time Olympic Gold Medalist and Eleven-time World Champion

Running Track Construction Options:

Regupol AG running track surface graphic.

Regupol AG 

A strong surface with maximum underfoot comfort, this track is suitable for international competition. 43% shock absorption.

Regupol PD running track surface graphic.

Regupol PD

Durable and upgradeable, this track is recommended for mid-level systems such as  high school tracks. 36% shock absorption.

Regupol SB running track surface graphic.

Regupol SB

Recommended for entry-level tracks, SB can be upgraded to PD or AG years after being installed. 32% shock absorption.

Standard Running Track Surface Colors:

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