Omnisports Flooring

Transform your gymnasium floor with the best in vinyl flooring technology.

Create a beautiful, cost-effective gymnasium with Omnisports Flooring.

Versatility & Durability

Omnisports is built for just about any sport. Basketball, volleyball, badminton, and more all find a home on Tarkett’s vinyl flooring. It’s hosted some of the biggest tournaments in the US, such as the 2020 Saint James Invitational Tournament shown in the video above. 

Its versatility goes beyond sports as well: Omnisports flooring accommodates tables, chairs, and bleachers for just about any event your space hosts.

Design Your Court Your Way

With Omnisports, there are no limitations in gym floor design. Add permanent game lines for any activity or sport, like volleyball, badminton, or even hopscotch. Choose from a wide array of colors and wood grain designs to build your ultimate gymnasium floor. 

Omnisports flooring - the product we ultimately decided on - was the best option for [our criteria].
Scott Barr
Athletic Director, Saint James School

Get Omnisports for your gym:

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Wood Grain Colors:

Solid Colors:

Game Line Colors:

*All game lines shown on Golden Maple background

*Colors may not exactly match the representations shown above on the floor

Omnisports Layers:

  1. Polyurethane surface treatment that provides protection against scratches, sole marks, and stains
  2. Durable, customized wear layer made from pure PVC
  3. Compact PVC layer with embedded fiberglass to provide stability and uniformity 
  4. Vinyl layer forms a unique “strain-splitting” core which gives superior indent recovery
  5. Shock absorbing foam provides cushion, sound control, and ideal ball bounce levels
  6. Honeycomb textured backing for perfect adhesion to subfloor