Hardwood Gym Flooring

22 of the last 27 NBA Champions played and practiced on Robbins Hardwood Gym Flooring. You can too.

Choose the hardwood gym flooring the pros use.

Cutting-Edge Floor Design

You can see the design and performance capabilities of a Robbins hardwood court in the video above. This court, installed at George Washington University in 2013, is still used today and features several prominent D.C. landmarks in its design.

Robbins offers several portable hardwood gym floors that meet all the requirements needed for quick event transitions. All portables are painted and finished using computer-aided graphics – making them excellent for multi-purpose arenas.

Excellence in Hardwood Gym Flooring:

Robbins floors are the preferred choice of NBA and NCAA teams across the country. Teams such as the Miami Heat and Charlotte Hornets play on Robbins hardwood basketball flooring. 

Independent research by human performance/biomechanics expert, Dr. Benno Nigg, proves that the Robbins MVP system is “in a special category by itself” and the difference in MVP “was substantial with respect to damping time, vibration frequency, and uniformity”.

"(Robbins MVP) is in a special category by itself."
Dr. Benno Nigg
Human Performance/Biomechanics Expert, University of Calgary

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