Weight Room Flooring

Your weight room flooring is the foundation of your entire workout routine. Build a championship-caliber program from the ground up.

Run every workout on the same weight room floor.

Unparalleled Versatility

The best weight rooms are the most versatile ones. Ensure your weight room can handle all the workouts your squad needs to be successful. We install rubber flooring, turf, and inlaid platforms together seamlessly so you can go from one workout to the next with ease.

Our rubber floors also offer you three different densities that accommodate:

  1. Heavy, Olympic-level lifting
  2. Fitness equipment
  3. Plyometric and agility workouts

Custom Logos and Branding

We install permanent water jet-cut logos into your floor to fit your school’s branding. These logos are not painting on, so they don’t rub off or smudge over time. They’re made of colored rubber, just like the rest of floor, and will give your facility an added personal touch. 

Branding is becoming more and more important in athletic recruiting. Outfitting your weight room with your logos, colors, and brand will supercharge your recruiting efforts and your program in general. Not to mention, it communicates your program’s pride, culture, and legacy to current athletes and alumni. 

It’s a win/win/win.

Upgrade your weight room flooring:

Our Weight Room Flooring Products:

Recycled Rubber Flooring

Outfit your training facility with the original recycled rubber floor.  Regupol® invented the process for recycling tires into sports flooring over 65 years ago. We’ve worked with Regupol® floors for 30 years, and will put our expertise to work for you.


- Affordable and easy to care for

- Extremely cushioned and resilient

- Superior traction

Vulcanized Rubber Flooring

Vulcanized rubber is forged in an environment of intense heat and pressure. This exercise flooring product provides extreme hardless and resistance to pivot points. OSST vulcanized rubber flooring is used in facilities all around the world and praised for its longevity and versatility. 


- Non-porous so bacteria and water don't get into the floor

- High hardness and wear resistance

- Bright, brilliant color options

Indoor Gym Turf

Run outdoor drills inside. Indoor gym turf allows you to do just that, and more. It runs flush with the rubber in your weight room to create a seamless surface and open space. 


- Simulate realistic game conditions during drills

- Level with the rubber floor - no tripping hazard

- Bright color and design options