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Our animal flooring systems are cushioned and easy to clean

Ensure your animals are comfortable on cushioned flooring

We offer flexibility in floor thickness to accommodate animals of all shapes and sizes. The thicker the “basemat” (the rubber padding underneath the top layer of the floor), the better the cushion. A cushioned floor is good for the physical health of animals, and makes an excellent living and play area for them. 

Sanitize your animal flooring effortlessly

Our animal flooring options are seamless, which means they don’t have open joints where grime could fester. This also makes mopping and sweeping easy and fast. You’ll save time and energy on cleaning up after accidents and sweeping up fur. This will also lead you to a more sanitary environment overall, and have positive effects on your animals and patrons alike. 

Animal flooring that's sustainable

If needed, your floor can be resurfaced at a fraction of the cost of a completely new flooring installation. Resurfacing is also a quick process, so your facility doesn’t need to endure long periods of down time. Even so, many of our animal flooring installations have been used daily for over 25 years and show no signs of break-down or excessive damage. 

After years of problems with other rubber floors, our newly installed floors look great and feel great, both staff and animals are pleased!
Rick Schwartz
President, Nashville Zoo

Upgrade your animal care facility:

Choose Your Animal Flooring Need Below

Dog Daycare Flooring

Seamless flooring functions perfectly in a dog daycare setting. Without crevices where dust and hair can collect, the floor is easy to sweep and keep clean. Its non-porous surface also stops liquids from seeping into the floor. You can connect the dots as to why you’d want that in your dog daycare facility.


- Seamless, non-porous floor for easy clean-up

- Soft underfoot and comfortable for dogs of all shapes and sizes

- Color customized so you can fit your daycare's branding

Horse Stall Flooring Systems

Whether you work in a state-of-the-art veterinary center or are an individual animal caregiver, our equine flooring will work for you. You can change up your floor density and thickness to fit your needs. For example, you may want harder floor in aisles, but a softer one in recovery/foaling areas. We can do that for you, and more. 


- Non-uniform floor density lets you customize each room or stall

- Non-porous surface for easy cleaning

- Durable both indoors and out

Zoo Flooring

Outfit your zoo with specialty flooring that gives your animals a place not only to show off, but to rest as well. As an active member of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, we are always working to revolutionize the animal flooring industry to provide you with better products and services. The comfort and cushion of our zoo flooring material is unmatched.


- Specifically engineered to be comfortable for large animals

- Works in pens, stalls, and aisles

- Non-porous surface and wall details make cleaning easy