Gymnasium Flooring

Find your gymnasium flooring solution here, no matter the sports you play or the size of your gym.

Our gymnasium flooring systems are multi-functional, durable, and affordable.

Customize your gymnasium flooring

All of our flooring systems come with multiple color options so that you can match your unique colors and branding. To go along with your color scheme, we also install logos anywhere on your floor to completely customize your surface the way you want.

Stop worrying about floor replacement costs

By choosing to install your new gym floor with Abacus, you’re choosing to not worry about replacing your floor for the next 20-30 years. Our flooring materials are durable and can be resurfaced at a fraction of the cost of a replacement. 

Play and practice multiple sports on one floor

A gym floor with multiple game lines painted on allows your basketball and volleyball teams to practice and play on the same surface, saving you money and space. You can even add lines for sports like pickleball, badminton, indoor soccer, or anything else you can think of. Your floor is a blank canvas, and we’ll work with you to paint it exactly the way you want.

The service provided by Tarkett & Abacus and the consistency they've shown in getting out to meet any needs that we have has been second to none.
Kevin Breslin
Head Coach - Boys' Basketball, Saint James School

Overcome your gymnasium flooring challenges:

Pick your sport:

Basketball Flooring

Choose from three surface materials for your basketball court: hardwood, sports vinyl, and pad and pour polyurethane. Each material meets strict safety and performance standards from ASTM specifically for basketball. This means you get a reliable basketball floor that protects your players from injury and allows them to dominate in practice and in games.

Basketball Flooring Benefits:

- Flooring materials designed specifically for basketball

- Meets strict safety and performance ASTM standards

- Excellent ball rebound

- Provides traction for running and pivoting

- Custom colors and logos

Volleyball Flooring

Stop worrying about injury risk and focus on the game. The right volleyball floor will eliminate safety threats like tripping hazards and uneven playing surfaces. Our flooring materials also deliver cushion and shock absorption, so your players can focus on jumping and diving for balls without worrying about getting hurt on the court.

Volleyball Flooring Benefits:

- Cushioned for maximum safety when jumping and diving

- Even playing surface so your players focus on performing without tripping hazards

- Built-in volleyball sleeves for easy net installation

- Custom colors and logos

Futsal Flooring

Futsal requires an insane amount of skill and concentration. We install futsal flooring with specific game line measurements and performance variables in mind. Padenpor is the perfect floor for futsal because of its flexibility in design and stable, even surface.

Futsal Flooring Benefits

- Flooring is installed specifically for futsal: taking into account the movements of players and the ball

- Detailed game line design makes sure futsal lines are accurate down to the millimeter

Pickleball Flooring

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the U.S.  Our flooring products are excellent for pickleball because they provide natural ball rebound and superior traction. Pivoting and sprinting during play will never be a problem. You can also build pickleball sleeves in for easy net setup. 

Pickleball Flooring Benefits:

- Natural ball rebound during gameplay

- Superior traction for pivoting and sprinting

- Built-in sleeves for net poles