Pickleball Flooring

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. Our pickleball flooring materials provide natural ball rebound and traction for optimal playing conditions.

Why pickleball?

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the US for a variety of reasons. It’s fun for all ages and skill levels. It promotes physically activity, community building, and friendly competition. But from the perspective of a recreation director, pickleball can help your gym reach the most important goals of any athletic facility.

Here are three factors that make a successful recreation facility and how pickleball can achieve them:

Goal 1: A gymnasium that is neither empty nor idle.

Pickleball appeals to all ages and skill levels, from competitive tournament players to amateur enthusiasts who play for fun and fitness. Since pickleball is such an inclusive sport, it is almost guaranteed to keep a gymnasium busy with players across a wide demographic range.

Goal 2: A gymnasium that fosters community involvement and relationships.

Pickleball brings people together around a shared activity that is just plain fun! With close interaction among players and competitors it is one of the best sports for building relationships in a community. Pickleball builds connections in the community in a way that other sports cannot.

Goal 3: A gymnasium that facilitates physical fitness and wellness.

Pickleball can be played at any skill level. It can be played by seniors trying to stay active, competitive professionals in tournaments, and anyone in between. That means lots of physical activity for lots of age groups. For all players, pickleball promotes aerobic exercise, increases flexibility, sharpens reflexes, and improves coordination.

What are the Dimensions of a pickleball Court?

Standard pickleball courts have a length of 44 feet from baseline to baseline and a width of 20 feet. Diagonally, the court should measure 48 feet and 4 inches. The pickleball court perimeter is measured from the outer edge of game line markings. Lines are typically 2 inches wide.

A 3-foot tall net (34 inches tall at the center) divides the length of the court in half, with 22 feet of space on the opposing sides. The pickleball net should extend about 1 foot outside the sidelines of the court.

A 7-foot space on either side of the net is designated as a non-volley zone. This area is sometimes referred to as the “kitchen.” The non-volley zone is usually a contrasting color from the rest of the pickleball court.

Pickleball Court Dimensions
  • Length: 44 feet
  • Width: 20 feet
  • Net Height: 3 feet at the sideline
  • Non-Volley Area: Extends 7 feet on opposing sides of the net and has a contrasting color from the service areas
  • Service Areas: Divided by a center line into left and right (15 feet by 10 feet)
  • Line Width: 2 inches

The area beyond the non-volley zone measures 15 feet in length. The width of this space is divided in the middle by a center line, which creates a left and right service area. The service areas are the defined spaces for players in doubles competition and measure 15 feet by 10 feet.

How do I get started with pickleball?

Here’s where Abacus Sports comes in. To make the most of indoor pickleball courts, you need a comfortable floor that is specifically designed for sports. Padenpor is an exclusive flooring system with ample shock absorption to reduce strain and fatigue. It also has measured surface friction for optimal gameplay and pivoting. Another distinguishing characteristic of Padenpor that is conducive to consistent play is the prefabricated shock-absorbing rubber underlayment and the seamless polyurethane surface, leading to no dead-spots. All this makes Padenpor the sort of athletic floor that players of all levels appreciate. It provides what they want most: comfort, gameplay, and fairness.

Pickleball is popular, but including it in your facility doesn’t mean sacrificing other sports. In addition to being an ideal pickleball surface, Padenpor is a leading multipurpose sports floor. It is also designed for basketball, volleyball, and even non-sports activities. Padenpor can be the sports floor your facility depends on for every event your gym hosts.

Pickleball on Padenpor

Get your permanent pickleball flooring solution.

Flooring Designed for Pickleball

Our sports flooring materials provide natural rebound for smooth gameplay. An even playing floor also creates the perfect surface for ball bounce and running/pivoting. You can also install built-in sleeves for net poles.

A Permanent Floor

Most of the pickleball floors you see in gyms are portable and only installed temporarily during gameplay. This has its advantages depending on your needs, but if you’re looking to lose the set up time and get right to the game, this permanent solution is the flooring for you. 

Custom colors and logos right on your floor

Showcase your school spirit or your team’s brand with your logo and colors. Our flooring systems are customizable, from game line paint to logo stenciling. A great looking floor will add to your recreational space and help you recruit, impress, and engage. 

Build your court with us:

Our Recommended Pickleball Flooring Surface:

Pickleball on Padenpor


Padenpor is a pad and pour sports floor that fits all needs for pickleball. It meets all ASTM standards for ball performance, traction, and force reduction. It’s also seamless, which means no tripping hazards and extremely easy cleaning. Padenpor is a blank canvas for court design, as the color and logo stenciling possibilities are limitless. Find out if Padenpor is the right court for you.