Sports Floor Cleaning Guides

Make sure you're cleaning your floor properly and effectively. Maintenance guides for our most-used brands are attached below.

*Updated with Covid-19 Disinfectants

Let the professionals clean it for you:

We don’t just install floors – we clean them as well. Having pros clean your floor is the best way to ensure it’s done right and extends your floor’s life.

"What if I want to clean it myself?"

You can order Autoscrubbers online from – but be sure to follow all maintenance and cleaning guides if you’re using a scrubber.

Pick Your Floor.

Recommended Cleaners:

- Hillyard Nutra-Rinse

- Hillyard Assurance

- Hillyard Clean Scrub

*Recommended for use against SARS-CoV-2

Egis Floorlife & Robbins:

Robbins’ partner company, Egis Floorlife, offers a warranty program that extends the life of a sports floor up to 40 years. Egis programs are custom solutions for both wood and synthetic flooring systems that assist with floor maintenance. Egis rejuvenates the sports floor, brightens game lines, and removes stains and scuff marks thus retaining the floors original crisp appearance.