Abacus Sports Installations

Abacus Sports is one of the premier sports flooring companies in the United States. Our resilient sports floors allow athletes to train at peak performance with lowered injury risk, whatever their discipline.

Gym Flooring

Resilient floors for large multi-sport gymnasiums. Helps athletes perform at their best while protecting them from injury.

Workout Flooring

Rubber flooring for weight rooms, recreation centers, and field houses.

Outdoor Sports

Running track and tennis court surfaces used around the globe – from high school to the Olympics.

Horse Stall Flooring

Durable and safe flooring for wash bays and breeding barns, because your horses deserve it.

Zoo Flooring

Heavy-duty, clean, and enduring floors used in vet facilities for larger zoo animals.

Dog Daycare Flooring

Easy to clean and anti-microbial, these floors are perfect for your canine friends and more.


Our lockers come with different lock types, soft-close hinges, and many different sizes and shapes to fit your facility and needs.

Commercial Flooring

Resilient and decorative floors for office buildings and more give customers unmatched creative freedom in floor design.

Multipurpose Room Flooring

A strong and seamless floor that can be used for nearly any occasion, such as dances, parties, or church services.


Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

We install products that are GreenCircle™ and LEED© Certified and therefore are dedicated to sustainable manufacturing and installing practices.


The Newest Technology

Abacus is at the forefront of resilient flooring technology. Above all, we are constantly improving and researching new ways to provide the best possible floors to our customers.


High Quality Sports Flooring

Due to our commitment to high quality, our floors are long-lasting and made of the highest quality materials to install durable and superior surfaces.

Completely Custom Floors by Abacus Sports

Abacus commits itself to giving you, the customer, a completely customized surface that suits your needs.

A truly custom floor is possible through the acquisition of flooring components from manufacturers who share Abacus Sports’ commitment to quality and performance.

Abacus has the tools and the people to help you accomplish your flooring goals, because no matter the size of the project, the materials required, or the unique dimensions of your facility, your project is worth it.

We have unmatched experience in pad and pour polyurethane, rubber, sports vinyl, running tracks.. Consequently, Abacus will get the job done right for whatever you’re looking for.

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