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Professional Sports Flooring Contractor

Performance Athletic Courts

Abacus Sports Installations is your source for professional and durable sports flooring and surfacing system installation services. We have offered our high-quality services and products across North America for more than 25 years. Our innovative flooring systems can help your athletes perform better and protect them from injury.

Dedicated to Your Flooring Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our highest priority, and we are pleased to customize our services to meet your particular needs. We provide flooring and surfacing solutions for a broad range of industries, as well, including school and university gyms and weight rooms, vet hospitals and zoos, running tracks and tennis courts, equine facilities, fitness clubs, playgrounds, rifle ranges, commercial facilities, and many other applications.

Superior Quality Surfaces

Our innovative pad and pour urethane flooring system offers superior shock absorption, which reduces stress on the joints and bones and helps to keep athletes injury-free. Our resilient sports floors allow your athletes to train for peak performance, whatever their discipline. These surfaces are also highly durable and long-lasting, which saves you money down the road on replacement costs.

Environmentally Friendly Floors

Abacus Sports Installations is the only sports flooring installer in the Pennsylvania region to offer green-certified rubberized flooring systems, which earned a Green Circle certification in 2011. These systems provide a safer, ADA-accessible solution for indoor and outdoor recreational or athletic facilities.

Our team at Abacus Sports Installations always puts the safety of athletes first—that’s why we were chosen by Usain Bolt and the Jamaican track team to install a track for their practice purposes in the lead-up to the Olympic Games. Our surfacing system helped their athletes avoid injury, so they could go on to dominate in their category.

At Abacus Sports Installations, our team is composed of highly-skilled employees, never subcontractors, so you can trust us to deliver a professional, customized installation every time. We are also pleased to offer you informative brochures which detail the benefits of our products, as well as flooring samples that are appropriate for your facility. For all of your sports flooring and surfacing installation needs, reach out to us at Abacus Sports Installations today.


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Fitness Floors

Our sport flooring systems are extremely durable and help your facility provide a clean atmosphere.

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Weight Rooms

We have a solution that can handle the BIG weights used in weight rooms.

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Commercial Flooring

Resilient Commercial flooring systems built to withstand heavy use.

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Running Tracks

Around the globe thousands of athletes—from high school to the Olympics—use our tracks.

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Equine Floors

Easy clean-up, durable and sanitary.
Your horses deserve it.

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Tennis Courts

Grand Slam-approved cushioned tennis court systems.

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Gymnasium Flooring

You need a multipurpose floor for large multipurpose sports. Our sport flooring can handle it!

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Zoo Surfacing

When safety for your animals is
the foremost consideration.

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Installation of top quality playground surfacing systems.

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LEED certificaton
made in the USA