Basketball flooring

Basketball-specific flooring for practice and competition

The right basketball flooring makes all the difference

Choose flooring materials that are specifically designed for basketball

Pad and pour flooring, sports vinyl, and maple hardwood are the best options for basketball. All three provide excellent ball rebound, cushion, and traction underfoot. These are your top three picks for basketball because they don’t compromise safety for performance, and vice versa. 

Custom colors and logos right on your floor

Showcase your school spirit or your team’s brand with your logo and colors. All of our basketball flooring systems are customizable, from gameline paint to logo stenciling. A great looking basketball floor will help you recruit, impress, and engage. 

You can feel the softer feel on your feet, but then also it has that firmness that you need to play basketball.
Kevin Breslin
Head Basketball Coach - Saint James School

Basketball Flooring Products:

Padenpor by Abacus Sports

Padenpor is a pad and pour sports floor that fits all needs for basketball. It meets all ASTM standards for ball rebound, traction, and force reduction. It’s also seamless, which means no tripping hazards and extremely easy cleaning. Padenpor is a blank canvas for court design because its color and logo stenciling capabilities are limitless. Find out if Padenpor is the right court for you.  

Omnisports Vinyl by Tarkett Sports

Omnisports is a vinyl floor that’s built specifically for indoor sports like basketball or volleyball. Tarkett, its manufacturer, says it has “endless design possibilities,” and they’re 100% correct. We’re able to design vinyl with a wood-grain finish to mimic traditional hardwood. For this reason, Omnisports was used as the surface for the 2020 Saint James Invitational basketball tournament. This is first time it was used for a national basketball tournament in the United States, showing that it has bright future in the sport.

Hardwood by Robbins Sports Surfaces

Maple hardwood is the traditional basketball surface, and Robbins is among the best for basketball. It’s proven: 22 of the last 27 NBA Champions have played or practiced on a Robbins hardwood floor, as well as 20 of the last 27 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champions. Robbins offers lower maintenance costs and durability that are unmatched in the hardwood sports flooring industry.