Saint James School


Saint James School is a private boarding and day school in Hagerstown, MD. The school was founded in 1842 and enrolls 235 students from grades 8-12. The school boasts a rich history, with many notable alumni and annual events such as the Saint James Invitational Tournament.

The school decided to completely renovate their main gymnasium in 2019. Instead of choosing a traditional hardwood gym floor, they opted for vinyl sports flooring. This unique decision is what got Abacus involved in their project. 

They chose vinyl because of its cost-effectiveness, practicality, and design. Sports vinyl requires less maintenance than classic hardwood over a long period of time. It features similar ball rebound and cushion on joints for maximum athlete performance.


Saint James wanted this space to be multipurpose, with all three courts usable for both basketball and volleyball. We also installed a running track around the main courts, which allows SJS to take full advantage of its large space. The installation took place over the course of about a month.

We faced some challenges installing such a uniquely-designed floor. The seams of the vinyl were planned thoroughly in order to maximize safety, performance, and its aesthetic. The design called for mitered seams on the corners on the track and the red borders around the two outside courts. The inside seam of the track was also curved on its corners. These two designs meant that precise cuts needed to be made for the vinyl sheets to fit perfectly together.

We accomplished this task and made sure the floor’s seams where as unobtrusive as possible. Abacus added custom logos to the floor to complete the look, including two primary logos, two wordmarks, and a secondary logo.

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