Lancaster Mennonite High School


Lancaster Mennonite School is a private school in Pennsylvania that serves about 1,400 students.

In 2009, Athletic Director Mike Yoder updated the school’s running track, when he brought in Abacus Sports to install a Regupol track. With its color a sleek Dash Black, this track was an excellent addition to LMS’ athletics department. 

In 2012, LMS decided to increase the thickness of their track due to its increased usage. Abacus upgraded this track with a new Regupol surface – which also included a color change to stunning Relay Red.


“One of the primary reasons for choosing Regupol for both installations is their well respected reputation for high caliber tracks,” Yoder said. “Not only were we proud to support a local company, but we are confident in the investment knowing Regupol tracks have outstanding quality and a long lifespan.” Almost 53,000 square feet of Regupol was installed at LMHS in August 2012, and continues to receive positive reviews from students and staff.

“The students are pleased with the improved feel of the new track, and we are thrilled to provide a safer surface due to the cushion and uniformity of Regupol tracks,” said Yoder.


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