Falling Hazards due to Failing Floors!

Skids, Slips, Falls and Trips

We’ve all lost our balance or seemed to have tripped over nothing before. Much like a newborn giraffe trying to learn to stand, our legs become uncontrollable. This goes far beyond clumsiness. Sometimes it is how your shoe catches the floor. Or maybe it was underestimating how far away the ground was. Sometimes the reasons are more obvious, like the floor is wet.  Regardless, this is usually an embarrassing and sometimes painful experience. In the times that we are able to regain our balance, we all handle it differently. Many of us will look around to see if anyone saw. Some of us will play it off like it never happened.

Studies have shown that often, the body knows that it has lost balance and is going to fall before it actually happens. There is often a delay between the mind and the body. This delay makes difficult to recover. Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive show that slips and trips from falling hazards are the single leading cause of work injuries. They also account for over a third of major work injuries. This leads to a huge financial cost to employers. Injuries cost money for insurance, possible legal actions, a loss in production and many other things. Not only are the workers at risk, but also visitors and the public that may be in your work environment.

Main causes of Falling Hazards:

  • Uneven floor surfaces
  • Poor conditioned floor coverings
  • Wet floors
  • Changes in levels
  • Cables and wires
  • Bad lighting
  • Poor maintenance or housekeeping
  • Improper footwear

The General Health and Safety Legislation covers obligations to people from risk of falling hazards and slipping. The Workplace Regulations 1992 cover requirements for floor conditions that must be met for safety reasons. This is not only a concern in the workplace. Schools, churches, hospitals and other public areas must also be followers of similar regulations. The legal costs of being found guilty of ignoring these policies and regulations can be huge. Keeping the floors in good condition can prevent embarrassing moments and injury. A nice floor also represents the area that it is in, it says a lot about the people walking on it. Replacing floors can often bring about a new look and a new atmosphere.

What Can You Do?

Abacus can provide your facility with Robbins Strata Comm Commercial Flooring. Strata Comm is an ergonomic and decorative flooring product that can provide design flexibility for any project.  This new technology gives our customers unmatched freedom in creative design.  The impact absorbing flooring comes in three lines, Strata Commercial EP, Strata Commercial PA, and Strata Commercial PL.  Contact us by calling 717-560-8050 or email install@abacussports.com.