Fitness Flooring

Workout flooring used in fitness facilities nationwide. Our fitness flooring is made of recycled rubber and provides cushion, comfort, and safety on joints and muscles.

Fitness Flooring Options

Regupol® Aktiv™ & AktivPro™

Aktiv™ and AktivPro™ both come in rubber tiles or rolls. Both are scratch and dent resistant and provide excellent shock absorption and protect the sub-floor.

Regupol® AkustiPro™

Sound-cancelling rubber flooring that allows weight rooms to be built on higher floors without the impact of weights being heard in rooms below.

Inlaid Platforms

Strong and durable weight crash pads that stay in line with the rest of floor.

Athletic Training Turf

Indoor athletic turf perfect for training and workouts.

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Abacus has developed a long and prosperous relationship with our largest rubber supplier, Regupol America. Due to many years of working closely together, the two companies have been able to innovate the weight room flooring industry.

Aktiv and AktivPro serve as excellent standard weight room options. These recycled rubber products are the choice of pro teams and college programs throughout the United States. AkustiPro is a revelation in the workout flooring industry, as its ability to cut sound from floor-to-floor has allowed the construction of gyms or weight rooms on higher floors.

Abacus was part of the invention of inlaid platforms, which lay level with the rest of the floor. These platforms have added increased safety and practicality to weight rooms, and are now the standard for college and professional sports.

Abacus continues to help revolutionize the weight room industry. We evolve as athletes do, and never give up on our goal of providing safer and more effective flooring options for all levels of competition.

Join the revolution.

Fitness Flooring Projects

Villanova University

  • Regupol® Aktiv™
  • 5,602 sq. ft.
  • Villanova, PA

Pivotal Training

  • Regupol® AktivPro™
  • 7,160 sq. ft.
  • Southampton, NJ

Cabrini College

  • Regupol® AktivLok™ & AktivLok™
  • 5,250 sq. ft.
  • Radnor, PA

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