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How much is it?

Each job is priced with a square footage in mind and the thickness of the pad and poured urethane. Distance is of course figured in but is not the most expensive part of the price. Material is shipped to the job site from various warehouses so that does not increase the price too much. Please give us specifics of the job and what kind of product you are looking for and we will try to get you a fair market price that you will be happy with. Abacus’ flooring products are available in different thicknesses and range of resilience.

How long does it take to install?

The duration of the job depends on the total square footage and what is entailed. A normal Padenpor Sport flooring job can take a minimum of a week or 2 if the sub-base is moisture free and everything is ready when we get there. Don’t forget there is drying time after we are done before you can walk on it.

How long do I have to wait until you are available?

We typically have jobs scheduled out 6 month to a year in advance. We do try to fit smaller jobs in if it is possible. We fit in a new customer if we find an opening in our schedule and the products are available.

How do I clean my floor?

We have maintenance instruction for all of our products. Abacus’ product ranges have a low maintenance solutions.

Maintenance Information

How long does it last?

Our products have an extremely long duration of use. A warranty is offered but hardly ever needed. We put it in right the first time. Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster just resurfaced their Olympic quality track after 22 years of very heavy use.  They were able to reuse thier pad underlayment and add new structure and epdm.

Can you put street shoes, tables and chairs on the floor?

Yes. Padenpor combines a prefabricated rubber basemat with superior self-leveling polyurethane coatings. This combination results in the highest quality “dual Durometer” sports flooring system available, promoting fast play with excellent ball rebound, tremendous shock absorption, and a high resistance to rolling loads (i.e. bleachers) Some of our products are spike resistant too.

Is it environmentally friendly?

Yes. Padenpor and our other products are environmentally friendly We use recycled tire rubber in its base-mat construction, and 100% mercury and heavy metal free, water based polyurethanes.  Abacus Sports, proudly announces our contribution to the certification of the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Rating System® for our rubber pavers, pads, mats and tiles. GreenCircle Certified, LLC provides third-party certification of sustainable aspects of products and manufacturing operations. Regupol America, our supplier, was the first company in Pennsylvania to earn GreenCircle certification in 2011. Today, they are the only recycled rubber surfaces company whose products are certified by GreenCircle.

Do you do Custom Art work?

Absolutely, the better the logo the better the floor looks. Color code your flooring for specific activities. Add you school mascot or add a running track in different colors through your floor.

How do I get a quote?

Please call 1-800-821-4557 and talk to one of our Flooring Specialist. Complete this form.

How long have you been in business?

Abacus has been in the business of sports and medical flooring for almost 3 decades.

Can I buy a maintenance plan?

We would be happy to help you with a maintenance plan for your flooring products.

Can I resurface it?

Yes, Padenpor can be resurfaced. If the sub-base is still good the resurfacing is easy. We can resurface other people products too. It all depends on the subbase.

Can I visit a reference?

We would be happy to set up a visit for you. We have installations across North America and probably have one near you.

What states do your serve?

We cover where you are. If we are unable to build in your area we will forward your information (free of charge) to a local company that is better able to help you. You can work directly with them for a quote. We have been in the business for so many years we know the best contractors because we are the best.

What sub-base do you need?

That depends on which product you are installing. The better the sub-base the better the final project. A flat smooth surface is key. Most sub-bases are concrete or a fine aggregate of asphalt. Please contact us for specifics. Some of our pavers and tiles are able to be installed on a 2A modified stone base.

How do you restore your floor?

You can do a restorative cleaning or you can do a resurface. Depending on the tiredness of your floor and your usage either may be an option.

Glossary of terms:

  • Dual Durometer: A dual functioning floor with the basemat you get resilience and with the top coating you get durability and playability.
  • Resilience: soft cushioning with a bounce back property.
  • Force Reduction: Heavy objects can compress the floor yet the floor bounces back.
  • Anti-fungal: The floors are not permeable and the bacteria has nowhere to grow. The bacteria can not penetrate the nonporous floor.
  • Non-porous: The floor itself does not hold bacteria, germs or fungi if cleaned properly.
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