Linden Multi Purpose Center

The Linden Department of Parks & Recreation reached out to Abacus Sports after hearing about two successful projects Abacus had done in the neighboring townships of Clark and Cranford. Linden wanted to renovate the gymnasium flooring at their Linden Multi Purpose Center. Following a meeting on site and discussion about the goals of the township, Abacus began preparing a proposal to bring life back to their gym space.

Old Floor

The EPA has strict regulations on the disposal of this flooring material with an intricate removal process, as well as states maintaining strict abatement requirements. Leaning from several decades of experience working with gymnasiums, Abacus was able to identify that the 30+ year old floor at the Linden Multipurpose Center likely had mercury.

As the region’s leading sports flooring contractor, Abacus Sports Installations always tries to stay at the forefront of any new developments within the industry. In recent years, the discovery of a mercury additive in many synthetic floors installed 20+ years ago has brought health concerns to the trade. Most manufacturers do not use mercury in their formulations anymore as it is a hazardous material, but many of these old floors are still being used daily. There has been a big push in recent times (especially in New Jersey) to identify and remove these floors. Mercury could pose an airborne threat to the occupants of these gymnasiums.

Old Floor

We collected a sample and used a toxicity characteristic leaching procedure (TCLP) test to confirm the mercury content exceeded the acceptable limit. Abacus then enlisted the services of a certified hazardous material abatement company to perform the floor demolition. We also utilized a third-party hygienist to monitor the air inside and outside of the gym daily during the removal process. Thereafter, we were able to prep the concrete, level the floor, and install a brand new Tarkett Omnisports HPL flooring system. The town of Linden knew they needed the right contractor for such an extensive job. To ensure this, they utilized the ESCNJ co-op and contracted Abacus Sports directly to manage the entire project.

Linden Township now has a high-performance gymnasium with inlaid accent colors and custom graphics, complete with new wall pads and bleachers. The community is  buzzing with excitement as they eagerly await their opportunity to try out the brand-new court. Local residents can now enjoy the design and safety features of a modern gym. The new floor will serve Linden for many years to come!

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