Millersville University: Weight Room


Millersville University is a public university in Lancaster County, PA. Their athletic teams compete in NCAA Division II and they boast successful programs such as football, baseball, field hockey, and wrestling. 

The Carpenter-Trout Strength Center on MU’s campus had been used by the football team for many years – and the wear and tear caused them to need a floor replacement. 

Millersville decided to not only replace the floor, but to completely modernize the facility with new equipment as well. 


Abacus came in with Regupol AktivPro rubber flooring and completely re-invented Carpenter-Trout. Their old floor had tiles, and the new one was installed with 1″ thick rolls – which creates more durability and fewer safety hazards.

Not only that, but MU upgraded to inlaid crash platforms, which has really opened up their space. Strength Coach Kyle Regensburg said “we’ve been able to make our training much more efficient for the student-athlete.” 

With new flooring, Millersville can use every inch of it’s 5,000 square foot space. They also boast MU’s sabre emblem on each crash platform, finishing off the floor with the customized branding touch. 

Get a brand new weight room floor: