A Floor That’s Ready for Anything

Sometimes, the best way to design a building is to not design it. Confused yet?  Here’s an explanation: Some interior spaces have a specific purpose, like a foyer or a bathroom. These areas benefit from your attention to detail because you can envision how they will be used. Other spaces are the exact opposite. Neither you or the client know exactly how it will be used in the future. That’s when it pays to step back rather than forward and allow the room to become what users decide.

In a lot of cases, this “anything” room is a gym. Although you might know a primary sport that will be played there, like basketball, activities rarely end there. School gyms in particular end up hosting all kinds of things: PE classes, science fairs, volleyball tournaments, Cub Scout packs, and PTA meetings. This range of possibilities means furnishings must be flexible too. Most important is flooring.

A space that can handle anything starts will a floor that can handle anything. Abacus Sports’ Padenpor polyurethane is one of the most versatile gym floors available. Not only does it provide comfort and safety for athletes, but it can handle events unrelated to sports. With a few variations, Padenpor can accommodate telescoping bleachers or heavy rolling equipment. If you want to “not design” a space that can become anything, Padenpor is the floor for you.