A New Blog About Recycled Products in the Sport Flooring Industry

Sport Flooring Industry – My First Blog.

I have been in the sport flooring industry for almost 3 decades.  Yes, that gives away my age if you count all the years I went to college and grad school.  I have seen so many things in the sport flooring industry.  I want to share them with you so that you can learn from me and pick and choose the right floor for what you need.  I have been in the environmental business in the sport flooring industry.  Concentrating on using recycled products before it was cool and green to do it.  I have seen consumers pick more expensive product thinking it was the better because the sales person was better and the consumer was misinformed. I have seen products from different countries that have plastics or poorer ingredients added to the blend that changes the performance of the product but it looks the same

The concentration of my expertise is recycled rubber products.  I have always wanted to do what is right for the environment but not to sacrifice performance, product and to keep longevity. In the following posts I will explain differences in products as well as new products, safety aspects, performance, maintenance and many other topics that are not discussed enough in the flooring industry. Some of the companies I associate with are Abacus Sports Installations, Regupol America, Robbins Sports Surfaces, I will expand on these in the following post as well.

I hope I can educate you so that you can make the right choice at the right time.