Rosedale Baptist School


Rosedale Baptist School is a ministry of Rosedale Baptist Church in Baltimore County. RBS gives parents and students access to a quality Christian education.

RBS was ready to renovate their full gymnasium – which played host to both basketball and volleyball for middle and high school-aged boys and girls. 

Overall, eight total teams use the space, so Rosedale needed to accommodate every sport and program. 


Padenpor gave Rosedale the opportunity not only to build a court that worked for all sports teams, but accommodated bleachers, tables, and chairs for other activities as well. 

We installed their new Padenpor floor with their school’s colors and logo – which they were able to fully customize to their liking. The striking blue and yellow colors that make up the floor are a unique combo that we haven’t installed before.

RBS is very happy with their new gym – and their athletes are too. 

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