Smith-Wade-El Elementary


Smith-Wade-El Elementary is a public school in the School District of Lancaster, PA. It went through a lot of big changes from 2019-2021, including a name change (it was formerly known as Buchanan Elementary) and a location change to brand new building. 

The new building was constructed very close to the old school, but features a lot of fantastic updates for the students at Smith-Wade-El. This includes a new Pulastic gym floor. 


SDoL planned for the gym to host a ton of activities – and we say a ton, we really mean it. We installed their new gym floor with lines for: basketball, volleyball, four square, hopscotch, a gathering circle, bowling, side basketball courts, and PE lines. 

The overall project was delayed due to Covid-19, but as soon as we were able to get into the facility we got to work. We finished this floor in about two weeks and the end result looks amazing. 

Despite the amount of game lines on the floor, SDoL’s choice of colors and placement (with some guidance from us) makes the floor versatile without any confusion. As students go through this new building in the coming years, there’s no doubt this gym floor will be a great location for all of the programs at Smith-Wade-El.

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