U.S. Coast Guard Yard

  • Year Completed: 2017
  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • Material: Padenpor™ & Regupol® Aktiv™
  • Project Type: Gymnasium Floor & Weight Room Floor
  • Area: 9,333 sq. ft.

About this Project

Abacus Sports was able to provide the United States Coast Guard of Curtis Bay with brand new Padenpor and Aktiv flooring. The Padenpor flooring allows for color customization, and a crisp logo that represents the USCG. This flooring is great for playing a variety of different sports including basketball, volleyball, and other recreational games. The flexibility of this flooring provides a “softer” surface. So when an athlete is running, jumping or falling it offers more protection against injuries.

In a separate area of the facility Abacus installed some of Regupol’s Aktiv flooring, for weight lifting purposes. This rubber flooring absorbs impact from dropped weights, and gives the room a new look. The USCG chose to customize their weight room by using the color scheme “Blue Streak”.

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