The Potential of Pickleball

Imagine you are in charge of a recreation department. For some readers, that may not require much imagination. What would your goals be? Most people would include the following: When you acknowledge these common goals, it becomes clear why pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the US. Pickleball naturally fits all the objectives of recreation facilities. It’s

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Beyond the Bottom Line

When building or renovating a gymnasium, it’s fun to dream about what it will look like when finished, how comfortable it will be, and what sort of activities and sports it will host. But after you settle on the colors, logo graphics, and materials, you arrive at the more difficult question: what will it all

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The Church Floor Checklist

A church fellowship hall or recreational space is one of the most challenging spaces to design. Why is it difficult? It’s the extensive checklist. The expectations for just a church recreation floor go something like this: A church recreational floor should… Now, if you are thinking about flooring options that match this list and already

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