Every Dog Has Its Daycare


Abacus prepped and installed a 14,000 sq. ft. Padenpor™ kennel flooring in Every Dog Has its Daycare’s brand new facility in California. The new facility is much larger than the old one, with the capability to house a significantly larger number of dogs. This new state of the art facility is leading the way in kennel flooring, offering its canine residents the highest quality kennel flooring available on the market. On our last check in at the facility, the owner of the establishment informed us that to date, the dogs do not make a habit of going to the bathroom on the new floor.  When they do have an accident, the Padenpor™ kennel floor is very easy to clean. It has no cracks or crevices for bacteria to collect in, and can be mopped down with little difficulty. Due to this ease of maintenance, Every Dog’s employees can spend more time taking care of the dogs and less time cleaning up after them.


A lot of special customizations went into this job due to the size and use of the facility. Padenpor, which has a textured surface, was used in the indoor play areas of the facility to offer more traction and slip resistance. The shock-absorbing material is also great on the dog’s paw pads and claws. The resilient surface allows their claws to grip the floor and give them added traction as opposed to scraping on a typical cement floor. It is also a much more comfortable surface for the pads of their feet as well.

We also included cove bases for this job. By extending the floors partially up the wall, it allows for easier cleaning as well as some added safety for our canine friends. We even covered the steps with our PADENPOR kennel flooring so that the dogs had a nice consistent surface under their paws. The dogs, employees, and owner of the facility were all very pleased and excited to use our kennel floor.

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