5 Protein-Filled Snacks You Should Try Today!

Trying To Lose Weight?

Don’t you hate it when you eat a snack and you’re hungry just one hour later? Chances are that snack wasn’t packed full of protein, which can help stop cravings long after you have consumed your food. Protein is what helps slow digestion and keeps your blood sugar steady as your body breaks down the nutrients needed for growth. This can greatly attribute to weight loss as research shows, protein will stop cravings and make you feel fuller and increase satisfaction. When satisfaction is increased, you are able to stick to your dieting plan and stay the course to success, so check out these 5 protein-filled snacks that will have you wondering why you never tried them before!

Cottage Cheese

One 5 ounce serving of cottage cheese is around 20 grams of protein packed into an easy, portable snack. Standing at only 110 calories and providing a great source of calcium as well, you can’t go wrong with this treat when you’re on the run.

Hard Boiled Egg

It is noted that eggs were once considered as a nutritional taboo to eat due to the high cholesterol, but in moderation these can be a tasty treat enjoyed on the run that packs 6 grams of protein per egg. It is noted that you should peel the egg before you leave for your daily commute to make the eating process simpler and less time consuming, or even buying them packaged at convenience stores.

Peanut Butter

Just one tablespoon of peanut butter dishes out 4 grams of protein. While we don’t recommend carrying a full jar of peanut butter with you to work or school, you can buy portioned packs of peanut butter that you can squeeze onto crackers or fruit. Some company’s like Justin’s carry a variation of different butters ready for your consumption on the go!

Roasted Chickpeas

One quarter cup serving can include around 7 grams of protein which is phenomenal considering how small and addicting these things are to eat on the go. It has even been shown to lower cholesterol when eaten normally on a weekly basis.

Greek Yogurt

12 to 20 grams of protein can be found in these tasty cups of muscle building goodness. The difference between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt is that it is strained and contains more protein than traditional yogurt. It is noted that if you would like to lose weight and gain more muscle mass, switching to Greek yogurt from traditional is a must.

If you are too busy to prep meals for the busy week ahead, try starting out with these easy snacks to help bust cravings and stay on course to your diet plan. Without the proper foods going into your body, you won’t see the results from exercising daily or even every other day.

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