Gym Floor Care For Winter Weather

Winter Weather Tips

Proper Gym Floor Care

With the upcoming winter weather season upon us, it’s important to take proper steps to make sure your gym floor isn’t tarnished from the mud, snow, or ice being dragged in from the outside. Take a look at these common tips to help secure your floor for decades to come and to make sure your gym stays in pristine shape for future clients!

Doorway Rugs or Mats

Installing proper rubber mats or rugs can help soak up any unwanted water on the bottom of shoes that is easily tracked into your gym. Have it put down as they enter or before they enter the main gym as this will give them the option to change into their gym shoes and ensure proper floor care. By laying down an absorbent mat or rug, it allows for excess precipitation to stay off of your floors which could potentially damage them without proper cleaning care.

Proper Cleaning

If precipitation does in fact get onto the floor, proper gym floor care is key to make sure damage is not done. Some easy steps can be taken to remove excess precipitation such as using the recommended cleaner for your floor once a day or more during the winter months. Other solutions could include mopping up excess spills or moisture anywhere on the floor to remove it from the surface. After mopping up surfaces with cleaner, it is important to display caution signs to let patrons know there is a wet surface!


Heaters or fans can be a superb tactic to fight wet floors during the winter months of your gym. As it is needed throughout the winter, heaters are great sources of heat and can dry out excess moisture inside your gym or fitness center. Wherever there is heavy foot traffic, a fan could be used to help evaporate unwanted moisture! These could be areas such as entry ways, potential slippery floor areas, and in front of bleachers.

Mud Room/Shoe Room

As stated in the first tip, allowing clients to dry off their feet before entering the gym is a fast and easy solution for someone who wants to keep their floors dry. The other solution would be to install a mud/shoe room where clients can have their own locker and store their muddy shoes while they enjoy their workout. This would add more of a customized touch to your gym and could give it the extra edge it needs to attract new customers. Not only can they store their belongings, but the floor could be an absorbent type flooring such as Regupol Aktiv which is perfect for any mud room or weight room.

As your gym starts to grow and expand, don’t let bad weather eat at your fitness flooring! Follow these important tips to make sure your floor stays looking like new for years to come. Practicing proper gym floor care can save your business thousands of dollars and countless repairs that could hurt your wallet! For any flooring questions or inquiries, don’t hesitate to check out our website or call us at (717)-560-8050.