Growing Student Gym Traffic – Winter Break

Driving Student Traffic To Your Gym

Winter Break- A Time to Capitalize!

It’s December, which means middle school, high school, and college kids all over the country are being let out for winter break. These breaks can be anywhere from two weeks to one full month long, which means they are looking for a place to work out and stay fit! Don’t miss the opportunity to build long term relationships with new clients and keeping relationships with current customers fresh! Students in high-school or college are in their athletic prime and usually have included student gym memberships with tuition, this means when they return home for break they’re looking to stay fit and not fall out of their every day routine. This reassures the purpose of this article, why not entice them to come to your gym? Here are some ways to attract potential student clients to your facility.

Student Discount Rates

This is a no-brainer. If you’re not offering student discount rates at your gym, then you’re losing those students’ business! Obviously most students cannot afford to pay the everyday price of a gym membership because they’re usually not working or paying for school, this is why student rates are pleasing to the young individual looking to capitalize on their youthful physique.

Special Winter Break Terms

As stated before, winter breaks differ for each school. Some schools may be off for a couple weeks, while others could be out for a whole month! A good way to attract student gym traffic over the winter months would be to offer a one time gym membership fee for the duration of their break. This will drive students to your gym due to not having the hassle of buying a full month membership and then only using half off what they paid for. It is noted that students are always looking to get more bang for their buck, so offering a rate for the duration of their time off is not only convenient, but it’s a better deal!

Lifting Competitions

Who doesn’t like to win? Students love to show off their skills and talents to display why they’ve been training so hard at school. Holding lifting competitions like most pull-ups or most reps at body weight could drive student gym traffic and have them get a taste of your facility. Other events like an “Iron Man” competition could also drive potential students into your gym. This usually consists of rowing, running, and biking and whoever can do all three in the least amount of total time wins. Some prizes offered could be gas cards, gift cards, or even a free month membership to your gym, it’s up to you!

Updated Equipment

Having updated equipment shows that you invest the time and money to make your gym a better place and make your customers happy. Having clean and updated machines and fitness equipment will not only increase student gym traffic, but older adults will also come and try out your fitness/lifting equipment! New flooring that can reduce injury such as AktivLok Interlocking Tiles could be a great solution to enhance your gym’s “wow” factor. Another update that could drive traffic to your gym would be state-of-the-art Aktiv Inlaid Dead Lift Platforms which are flush with the main floor, reducing the chance of tripping over a raised platform. We recommend you take a look at all of our gym floor solutions to see what would be best for your gym! 

Capitalizing on this great business opportunity for your facility will be sure to generate more customers over the upcoming months, while building relationships with them at the same time. This will give your gym a sense of social responsibility that will give a great reputation to the community. If you have any questions about any of our gym flooring products that you think could benefit your facility, don’t hesitate to visit our website or give us a call at (717)-560-8050.