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Resilient Rubber Flooring

Aktiv rolled rubbber

Aktiv rolled rubbber

REGUPOL® AKTIV™ – A homogeneous single-ply rubber flooring in roll form, specifically designed for and tailored to the needs of exercise and strength training areas of health and fitness. It is well known for its performance, durability, comfort, slip-resistance and safety.

REGUPOL® AKTIV™ is available in 21 standard colors, and solid black. You also have the option of formulating custom colors to match the spirit of your facility. Read More >


rubber puzzle

Aktiv Puzzle Tile


REGUPOL® AKTIVLOK™ – This is the tile alternative to Aktiv Rubber Roll, with the same unique features. This product provides health/fitness club owners, architects and designers with flexibility to create patterns, borders, and interesting walkways.  Tiles are available in 21 color options, including 9 standard core colors and 12 additional colors for centers. Read More >



Rubber Tiles

AktivPro Rubber Tiles

REGUPOL® AKTIV PRO™ – Aktiv PRO is nearly indestructible, perfect for the highest impact areas of a  weight room. These tiles and rolled floor systems provide additional protection against possible indentations or damage caused by abusive dropping of dumbbells. Aktiv PRO tiles and rolls are slip-resistant, with tiles being able to be loose-laid or adhered to the surface.  Aktiv PRO is available in several thicknesses and colors. Read More >




AktivPRO roll at north allegheny HS

Inlaid Platforms

Inlaid Platforms create smooth transitions, allowing fewer injuries from dropping weights or miss-stepping off the platform. Timing between stations when running through a workout circuit is reduced due to the easy exiting off platforms and transitioning between exercises.


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