3 Reasons Your Flooring is Just as Important as Your Equipment

3 Reasons Your Fitness Flooring is Important

CrossFit athletes and Weightlifters are some of the most dedicated and intense athletes in the world. They require top of the line equipment to stand up to the rigors of their explosive training. Fitness facilities should want the best their members to achieve their goals and this involves the best flooring options available.


The key to obtaining a top-notch physique is to maintain a strict fitness routine. This can be hard to do if you are in an environment that harbors injuries. Staying injury free is the most important thing you can do for yourself as an athlete. All potential flooring surfaces have unique properties and attributes, each of which affects the athlete in a variety of different ways. A floor with no resilience or shock absorption, such as plastic tile, will transfer almost the full force of an athlete’s movements back onto their limbs and joints as they move. Some lifter’s movements have the force of several hundred pounds behind them, which can put a lot of extra stress on the athlete’s body. However, a floor made of recycled rubber has very high resilience and shock absorption qualities to help relieve some of these pressures exerted by the athlete. These improved floor qualities are what allow an athlete to squat 500lbs without feeling the full force of that weighted resistance on their joints and ligaments. This reduced strain allows athletes to be able to safely work out for longer and more frequent. Aktiv by Regupol© resilient rubber is slip resistant dry and wet. This floor system is available in a variety of thicknesses to accommodate specific situations. To truly be at your best you must be healthy and safe, and the first step towards staying healthy is training on the right type of sports surface.


Why do we train? We train to improve. Having the highest quality material to train on is a step towards this improvement. Workout intensity is a huge factor for individual improvement, and a recycled rubber floor provides the optimal surface for the most intense workouts. Recycled rubber also allows for quicker acceleration, excellent shock absorption, and improved traction. Because recycled rubber is so forgiving, athletes can push themselves to the max without fear of injury. The improved traction offered by the rubber flooring also allows lifters to really dig deep and get the most from their lift. Regupol© Aktiv reach safety and performance standards of rubber flooring that allows athletes to reach their full potential by providing the right surface for optimal improvement.


Having professional standards in your gym is very important, especially to prospective new clients and athletes. An abundance of sweaty people working out can make it difficult to maintain a clean lifting environment. Recycled rubber flooring has some of the highest ratings in resilience, cleanliness, and durability out of any floor surface material available. Not only are they easy to clean, Regupol© Aktiv tiles are also bacteria and mold resistant.  Recycled rubber can easily withstand the impact of dropped weights and intense workouts, time after time. Unlike some other floors that get damaged or show signs of wear, recycled rubber can withstand as much use as athletes can throw at it. By having a high quality and easy to maintain floor, your gym will be the go-to place for local cross-trainers, weight-lifters, and athletes.

What Abacus Can Do for Your Facility

As you can see, not only is a proper floor as important as the rest of a gym’s equipment, it is part of the gym’s equipment itself. In fact, some would argue that the floor is the most important part of a gym, considering that every workout is carried out on it. As a result, we can safely say that Regupol© Aktiv is a consistent, resilient, dense, and durable rubber floor that will allow athletes to achieve peak performance during their workouts.