6 Foods that Business Professionals Should Eat for More Energy

6 Foods that Business Professionals Should Eat for More Energy

Business Professionals of today are faced with the constant battle to stay alert and effective in the workplace environment.  It takes a high energy personality to be successful in our face paced society.  The professionals here at Abacus Sports Installations are either engaged with a huge number of people and programs organizing large jobs and projects to satisfy our customers or on the road.  We know the struggle to be energized and engaged for the entire work day.  Here are 6 foods that business professions should eat for more energy just as we do here at Abacus.

1 – Brown Rice –We will start with the power house of complex carbohydrates, brown rice. This nutrient packed substance rich food is not only incredibly healthy for you, but pack a heavy dose of carbohydrates that your body converts into energy.  Pour on a hefty dose of your favorite spice or herb and enjoy!

2- Honey – Have a sweet tooth but don’t want to succumb to the candies in the break room? Try some all natural honey! A natural sweetener that acts as fuel for your muscles, this treat is perfect on its own or drizzled over breakfast oatmeal or in your favorite brand of tea.

3-Pumpkin Seeds – Though its popularity spikes during the fall months, it is always a good idea to have a handful of pumpkin seeds nearby for that jolt of “let’s finish this day right.” This manganese, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous, healthy fats, fiber, and protein packed handful can help you get by those 3pm blues and get on with the day!

4-Goji Berries – Another option more exotic than others on this list, but has proven itself through centuries of Chinese medicine, are goji berries. These little magic berries support a healthy mood and help the body handle stress. Additional benefits include increased blood flow which oxygenates all the cells in the body. This will help business professionals handle the stress the body endures from sitting for extended periods of times executing complex cognitive tasks.

5-Greek Yogurt – Stepping away from the Chinese exotic medicine berries, let’s look at something every grocery mart has… greek yogurt! Greek yogurt packs a serious punch of protein, a 6-ounce serving being equivalent to 3 ounces of lean meat. To add to the benefits, its convenient to grab on the go and eat in a short break right at your desk!

6-Dark Chocolate – Our last one could also be considered a treat, but its packed with anti-oxidants and energy boosters that will carry you through those last waning hours of the work day. This last energy pumping fuel food is dark chocolate! This may seem too good to be true, but dark chocolate provides our bodies with anti-oxidants that support positive heart health and mood stabilization that is desperately needed at the end of a rough day!

The Importance of Staying Alert

Here at Abacus we know that the working American schedule is fast paced  and high energy, and we embrace it.  These tips are for you to stay on top of your industry as you continue to advance your career in a positive direction.  It is not only important to eat right and exercise, but keep a positive mindset as well.  Life is a chain of experiences, and what you take from it will make you who you are.