How Much Impact Absorbing Flooring Reduces Injury

Nursing Home Flooring by Abacus

A question posed by our customers all the time is “How much does your flooring actually reduce injury?”  Well researchers in Sweden decided to answer that questions by observing the falls and injury’s that happened for nursing home residents from October 2011 to March 2014.  The study discovered that 12mm polyurethane nursing home flooring reduced injury rates by 59% over conventional flooring.

What makes this so astounding, is that 70% of nursing home residents fall three to four times a year.  The consequence of this is the $34 billion dollar medical cost incurred every year according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  This financial strain is put directly on the family’s and institutions who manage the facilities related to senior care.

What does this mean for those who can benefit from rubberized polyurethane flooring?  The nursing home flooring system we provide residence could not only allow for a safer environment, but the peace of mind that imminent falls will not drastically change the standards of living. It will also reduce the liability and medical care cost the facility and the family of the resident would have to manage.

What Abacus Can Do For You

Abacus can provide your care facility with fatigue, noise, and injury reducing flooring that has lasting aesthetics and low maintenance costs.  Our Strata Comm flooring systems are the best value for those who care about the ones under their supervision.  It is important to remember that what lies beneath your feet is what we as humans are in contact with for the majority of the day.  The proper impact absorbing flooring system is key to a long, fulfilling, and sustainable environment for any facility or organization that experiences any level of foot traffic.

The time to act is now.  Contact Abacus at or call 717-560-8050.