Cold Weather Track Maintenance Guide

Cold Weather Track Maintenance

Fall is coming and the cold air of the Arctic is slowing creeping its way down into the states.  Pumpkin spice is the aroma in every coffee shop and flannels are slowly working their way out of attics and into wardrobes.  This is also the time that athletes ditch the gym shorts and cut offs for cold weather gear.  Just because winter has come doesn’t mean that tracks will not be in use.  Here are some Cold Weather Track Maintenance tips.

1 Cold Weather Gear for Tracks

Our tracks are made to withstand all types of weather.  During the winter however taking the proper attire precautions on the track will ensure no unnecessary ware happens to the surface.  The rubber and binding agent are more brittle during the winter.  Though it is acceptable, limit spike use during below freezing temperatures to prevent necessary ware in the rubber.  Soft soled shoes are always acceptable all year round.

2 Let it Snow

Using the track with snow on the ground is absolutely alright.  These tracks are built for all seasons, and we mean all seasons.  Some things to watch out for though.  Ice can form on the track surface which could cause a dangerous running environment.  Use caution to avoid ice and slippery spots.  If snow is sitting on the surface of the track, carefully walk the lanes you wish to use.  The displacement of the snow and the heat from the sun should help melt the surface of the track and expose the surface.  NEVER SCRAP A SHOVEL OR USE A SNOWBLOWER ON THE TRACK.  This will cause unnecessary ware and may cause damage that would require a repair.

3 Caution in the Cold

Cold weather is great for keeping your body temperature down during long runs.  However, maintenance technicians or facility operators should keep an eye out for icy conditions and restrict use if any dangers exist.  It is up to these facility crews to keep the track safe for patrons and athletes.  It is best to stay on the side of caution and suspend use if owners feel it is an unsafe environment for runners.

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